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Breathtaking Ensembles to Make Your Ugadi Trendy and Fashionable!

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Ugadi is a term which means Yuga and Aadi which means the beginning of a new era. It marks the beginning of spring, with the whole nature changing its color it is celebrated as a new year in Hindu families especially in the southern part of India. Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana celebrate it as Ugadi, Maharashtra calls it Gudi Padwa. The festivities begin before the break of dawn by all family members taking oil bath, houses are well decorated with mango leaves, flowers, coconuts and floral designs are made on the floor using Rangoli. Special delicacies are prepared especially using mangoes as it is the fruit of the season, obbattu/ Puran Poli a special sweet dish using lentils and jaggery is also very popular during this festival.Ugadi is a term which means Yuga and Aadi which means the beginning of a new era. It marks the beginning of spring, with the whole nature changing its color it is celebrated as a new year in Hindu families especially in the southern part of India. Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana celebrate it as Ugadi, Maharashtra calls it Gudi Padwa. The festivities begin before the break of dawn by all family members taking oil bath, houses are well decorated with mango leaves, flowers, coconuts and floral designs are made on the floor using Rangoli. Special delicacies are prepared especially using mangoes as it is the fruit of the season, obbattu/ Puran Poli a special sweet dish using lentils and jaggery is also very popular during this festival.Men traditionally dress in a white or off white linen shirt with a cotton lungi embellished with zari; women, on the other hand wear opulent clothes like kanjeevaram saris accessorizing with gold ornaments and the natural fragrance jasmine flowers on hair that looks too splendid.Ugadi Trends from Samyakk.comThe royal festival is celebrated with ample amount of traditional rituals. It’s always good to be dressed uniquely in style. Combine themes to balance fusion of designs while experimenting with a splash of colors and styles of the apparel. It’s ok to keep it simple and significant or going over the top and choosing to adorn a royal elegance, comfort should be the key. This Ugadi bring out the real flavour of the festive season by decking up in various collections from festive season break free from the basic by following the tips mentioned:• Display sheer elegance by wearing a traditional kanjeevaram saree with zari embellishments. Drape along the epitome with traditional temple jewellery.• Feel free to experiment with colors. Pastels, Blues, Greens and Red, Stand out by choosing any color from different hues.• The festival is all about the celebration of a beginning. The beginning of a new Hindu lunar calendar. Dress up in a contemporary style with a draped lehenga saree to make a statement without going overboard.• Choose from the wide range of designer salwar, gowns and dresses available at having different silhouettes if you’re willing to ditch the traditional saree.• When it comes to jewellery apart from gold jewellery try opting for terracotta jewellery. Also, flowers play an important role, ladies wear fresh flowers, especially on the long braided hair. Dry flower jewellery is in vogue, finger rings, headbands, waistband can be adorned to give a new look.• When comes to men’s clothing, apart from the dhoti men can team up the waistcoat with a kurti and chinos/ pajamas for a total contemporary look.Do not get stressed about what to wear for Ugadi, we have a perfect solution for all your confusions. Check out the latest designer salwar, kurtas, gowns, tunics, sarees, lehengas, etc. from and get festive ready.

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Tussar Silk Saree-Timeless Treasure To Thrive On…The Tussar Triumph..!

Tussar Silk Saree:


Tussar silk saree is also called as Kosa silk is one of the eloquent evolutions in textiles which have always ranked for its aloofness and unique coarse texture. This exquisite silk is extracted from the wild forest cocoon manufactured mainly in India, a second largest producer of tussar silk and exclusive tussar silk. Tussar silk sarees has gained phenomenal acceptance for its extrinsic variations like handloom tussar silk saree, printed tussar silk saree, tussar silk embroidery saree, banarasi tussar silk saree, tussar silk saree with a readymade blouse and blended tussar silk saree.


The diverse genre of tussar silk saree is suitable for all age group and also for casual, formal, auspicious and eventful occasions. To give the contemporary gander to the traditional saree, the saree has comprehend design detailing like digital print that includes the antiquarian kalamkari, madhubani, warli, mythological characters, wedding processions, conventional instruments, paisley, peepal  tree, floral, animal prints, golden zari weaves, zardosi, stone, sequins, pitta, gota, applique and cutdana embroidery is brilliantly contrived in the form of elaborate natural, stylized, geometric and abstract motif embellishment across the exotic hues of the saree with the fascinating fusion of dual tones, netural and the contrast colored borders, pallu and blouse. A simple tussar silk saree has infinite and incomparable grandeur that constitutes to the discerning delicacy.


The exuberant tussar silk saree is the choice of present day women as this drape have enormous range of assortment that has endowed sophisticated feel and lure which is now available online, visit and vouch your ethnic statement in the compassionately crafted distinguished variations of tussar silk sarees suitable from simple to special occasions that will spellbind you and remains the viewers in astonishment.

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Designer Printed Saree- A Touch Of Vibrancy

A symbol of every ethnic lover, the 6yards is a vital ingredient of every woman’s wardrobe which traverse though the changing trend every season for decades. An eminent method to beautify any fabric is to get them printed. These printed sarees are susceptible, classy and are admired by everyone in the fashion industry. Attainable in a range of style, vibrant colors and patterns which gives a spectacular look to the wearer. These’s nothing as timeless as draping a versatile printed saree which fits for any kind of occasion.

Samyakk Printed Saree

Designer printed sarees  are huge in demand across the globe. These dreamy adornments are excellently crafted on finest fabrics such as handloom silks, cotton, chiffon, georgette, crepe, satin and net. Printed sarees have splendid varieties of patterns like digital, geometric, abstract, floral, masaba, patola, kalamkari, bandhej. And they are further ornamented with the detailing of  vibrant lace and embroidery work, gives it a delicate look.

Current fashion trend is all about playing with prints. Monochrome prints in various shades, tones and tints are basic yet fashion forever, which gives the saree classic appeal.  Multicolor printed sarees are among those sarees which will instantly cheer your gloomy day. Kalamkari printed sarees speaks about the weaves of Indian heritage, for those who love hand works. These sarees make a style statement on every occasion. This is just what you need to lend a twist to your casual to special assortment.

Samyakk is home to all the luxurious hand picked trendy attire. Our printed saree collection is entirely designed by highly proficient designers and expert craftsmanship. Take the fashion world by storm as you drape saree from our stylish collection in the colors of the season. Check over the authenticity and expert quality available categories of pure satin printed Saree, pure georgette printed Saree & pure tussar printed Saree at the exclusive ethnic store of samyakk or an online shopping site. Online shopping always keeps you ahead of the trend and saving your time.


Every pleat of your Saree hides a special memory!!!

                   The signature of tradition

In pursuit of fashion and luxury.Beauty and fashion have always managed to cast a spell on women.There is an array of women clothing and the accessories  to accompany the clothing for the women.Color and vibrancy can be witnessed  greatly  with the bridal sarees of the Indian women or newly-weds.The fashion designers these days swings on the whole creative spectrum as they showcase their wedding collections.The bridal sarees in the wedding scenario of India are all selected pieces of premium art.One particular piece is selected after going through and ditching hundreds of pieces by the bride to be.

Kanchipuram Saree


The planning stage is exciting,but all you really want is to try on the wedding saree.This is actually the best way to see which saree flatters you the most.But you can’t just wear any designer wedding saree,each one has distinctive style,and they combine this with your ideas to create one-of-a-kind saree.Before you pick anyone,you must make sure that you love their work and see yourself in one of their creations.Search online for feedback from other brides,look at their wedding portfolio and ask to see some real wedding sarees.It’s a big decision,so take your time.

A designer wedding saree is one that is “made to measure”,and this means that you get something unique,of the highest quality,that suits you perfectly. Communication is important,so speak openly about your likes and dislikes.You also need to be upfront about your budget,the season and the formality of the day.You can also select the fabric that suits your body type because fabric plays a major role and so designers keep it at its foremost priority before designing the saree.So just forget about the comfortability zone as you will surely be able to adapt the saree in the fabric that the designer prepares.When after many research you finally get to see your bridal saree,you will definitely want to ogle it at every opportunity.

You might be thinking of why to spend on the designer bridal sarees but the money to spend is really worth to make you look stunning and adorable among all and you may be surprised to discover that a designer bridal saree don’t always cost the price of a small car,and you get exactly what you want-all you need to do is trust the place you visit and their expertise.Their reputation is at stake,so they will ensure that you are completely thrilled with the final product.

Now that you know which category of saree suits you the most,you need to select the place that offers you the best.Samyakk being one of the leading online shopping site focuses on sarees that can be incorporated for special occasions.Ofcourse you can pick your favourite color or design,a sentimental one,or anything that grabs your attention.Here in Samyakk you will find yourself romancing with the bright and vibrant colors of the bridal collection which includes kanchipuram silk sarees made out of real and half fine zari, pure banarasi sarees and heavy embroidered satin and silk sarees that will evoke the strong sense of emotion which a bride will experience.


Why women have a special desire for Kanchipuram Silk Saree?

Ask any woman about their precious possession in their wardrobe? Beyond doubt, it is Gold in jewellery and Silk in fabric, these always chart the hit list. She has an eternal desire for gold & silk, and with Kanchipuram Silk Saree, while both the attributes combine, it creates a magnificent combination for any Occasion, so the love for Kanchipuram Silk saree is inevitable.

The Indian gala triumph or ceremonies is fragmentary in the nonappearance of Kanchipuram Silk Saree, more so because the saree is composed of grandeur element, made from hand weaved gold zari and silk, the texture and the richness of this saree remains promising for generations to come and for its unique detailed work in every saree, it effortlessly creates individuality of its own, consequently deserve to be worn for any events.The woven fashion legacy of South India reaching to every part of the globe. The popularity of the saree is unprecedented.


The Kanchipuram saree has three main parts, the body, “pallu” and the border. The border itself has infinite variants in colour and pattern.The three parts of the sari usually come in contrasting colours. Most of the designs in the “pallu” are from the scriptures and art of the temples. Moreover, the colourful motifs and designs are inspired by nature. Therefore, a traditional Kanchipuram saree has animals, paisley, flowers, peacocks, leaves and mangos as motifs. The price of the Kanchipuram saree is determined by the quality of silk yarn (count per square inch), the intricacy of the motifs and the amount of gold zari thread work on the saree.

The Kanchipuram Silk saree is prominent with many leading ladies in Bollywood, you may notice them wearing at many award function, party or wedding. A notable mention should be made of  Rekha, Vidya Balan, Hema Malini, Sridevi who swathe the ensemble with a great stance paving the way for their signature style. The opulent Kanchipuram Silk saree comes glinting with mystic radiance for a head turning, kaleidoscopic effects, thus the celebrities make a true style statement in their distinctive day to night dressing.

Kanchipuram sarees are much sought after by people across the country. They are so exquisite that people travel all the way from many regions of the country to purchase the original hand woven stuff. The “zari” is a blend of gold and silver threads. But we at Samyakk, get the best of the Kanchipuram Silk saree collections for you at your doorstep through online and in-store medium so that you do not need to meander from places to places for the purity.

From Kanchipuram Pure Silk Zari Saree to Kanchipuram Silk Half Fine Zari Saree, you will be enthralled with the dexterity Samyakk take in mechanising a single saree because of which every single piece proclaims luxury dived into silk thread and zari weaved by our craftsmanship. Though the price range varies accordingly to the thread and quality of the fabric used in the particular saree we assure you no matter what penny spend on it is worth buying.

It’s a mere observation that just like women preserve their gold jewellery safely, the same way they caress their Kanchipuram saree as an asset in her wardrobe.

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What can you look out for the Mid-summer collection of Salwar Suits?


The epoch where half of summer has been covered and it has bought some unique freshness in women’s fashion. The major lookout in the new season and styles of women’s clothing has in store some eye-popping sequel of designer salwar suits for today’s style conscious women.

When talking about the attire of salwar suits, it is considered to be the most flexible and convincing wear for the working women. In India, women have a keen eye to own salwar kameez in their wardrobe as it is considered to be the soberest and cultured robe that can be worn not only as the everyday wear but also for the special occasions too.

The trend and demand for salwar sets among women are considerably high and thus the upcoming and existing fashion designers are on the lookout of taking the attire further in the fashion road and sculpting it with their style sensibilities.

More and more designer outlets are striving hard to bring up exciting salwar suit products for today’s customers who have a hawk eye for the exciting details and designs in the range. There is too much of competition and as well as demand in the market for the exotic pieces of this garment. With the source information, one of the popular ethnic wear brand “Samyakk” based in the heart of the city of Bangalore, recently brought into its store, the stunning range of exclusive salwar suits.

The amazing details and designs are crafted with utmost delicacy and dedication. This beautiful range came into the store with samyakk’s association with the well known Kolkata-based wholesale brand “Neelima”. This wholesale brand purely deals in all varieties of women’s ethnics and they have a stretched the time span of 10-15 years in the business.


The contemporary pieces at Samyakk incorporate the features of high sophistication and avant-garde edge to the collection. The neoteric cuts of silhouettes with the hint of inclination towards the vintage styles seen on the kameez are giving a very fancy and sassy feel in the attire.

The captivating digital prints inspired by nature, architecture, figures on the garments creating an artistic combo that are a lookout in the range. The mid-summer hues to be expected in the collection are the deep pinks, beiges, vibrant yellows, off-whites and soothing blues making a very crisp color spectrum for the season.


The whole range is delivering an ultra-modern feel for the style forward woman who wants some irresistible freshness in the usual attire of salwar kameez. Now, you know where you can find this exclusive collection to renew your closet for this season with the contemporary options of chic salwar kameez and look ravishing every day.

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Why Saree is Kept as a Plan-b?

When looking at the modern phase of fashion, women have become more inclined towards the styles that are flexible and quick. They are preferring fashion which they can smartly manipulate and wear for the after work events too. As we focus light on the saree, women nowadays make a step back towards choosing this drapery for the occasion. It is a matter of consideration, why women are making the saree their second choice? And how this mindset towards this beautiful attire be changed?
The ultra-modern women are sure incorporating the western styles…But it doesn’t mean they have completely ignored the traditional Indian fashion. They sure crave sometimes to dress up in the Indian getup. Apart from the other Indian ethnic wear, they think of keeping the saree completely aside in their closet, even though they desire to wear it. But because they are ignorant to drape the attire properly…they don’t want to experiment with the style. The doubt about wearing it the wrong way or about the look going shabby… they prefer not to wear the saree. This kind of approach can be easily tackled, with the advancement of YouTube with DIY videos. You can follow the step-by-step procedure to effortlessly drape the saree by yourself. Taking the professional help from the close friends, family or even beautician, you sure are going to rock the yard. Some more reasons towards ignoring the saree, is that the draping can be really time-consuming and you don’t have sufficient time to spend your entire hour on just wearing the outfit. When you are a fresher at this matter, it tends to take your time…but once you are a pro at this, you can get yourself draped in just a few minutes. It’s not a rocket science and with the proper practice, you will master this art.
When you are wearing the saree for the very first time, it can be a scary affair, as the very thought of tumbling off in the public and ruining the reputation can be an embarrassing thing. This kind of thoughts is common but having a positive and confident approach won’t let the fear grab you. Remember you are looking purely graceful while carrying off this traditional Indian beauty. The general opinion about the saree that it is worn only by elderly and aged women, make a turn off while picking the saree. This ideology is completely wrong as for wearing the saree, there are no age barriers. Saree is the most versatile outfit that has the capability to enhance any kind of body feature and personality. Change your mind while choosing the saree, as it will gorgeously transform your entire look and it will surely do justice to you. The numerous varieties of saree available in the market such as cotton silk sarees, handloom silk sarees, banarasi silk sarees, kanchipuram silk saree and tussar silk sarees can be creatively worn as the formal, causal or late evening wear. The outlook towards the saree that it will be very heavy, unmanageable and uncomfortable also pushes it back by women. But with the introduction of so many design options of sarees with respect to comfort and light weight fabrics, can solve this issue at the same time keeping you easy throughout your experience of wearing the saree. Pick your saree wisely, that you can confidently carry off without any hesitation. The opinion of women about the maintenance and expensive issues of sarees is surely valid. But the feeling of owning something authentic and protecting it is a procedure that usually goes along. It is true that time is the only thing that is restraining us from doing so many things but still we somehow have to get a handle on it. There are choices of sarees in the market that fit within your pocket as well as qualify the quality mark. Shop for the sarees sensibly and you will land with the perfect ones.
So, ladies next time you are thinking to wear something offbeat, give the drapery of the saree a chance and surely it won’t let you down. Be proud to wear the outfit of your origin and the attire will relish you back enhancing your charisma.

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